• 景观护栏按材质可以分为哪几类?
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Three categories of landscape guardrail: metal, stone, preservative wood and so on.
Metal: cast iron and cast aluminum can make all kinds of flower type components; beautiful and transparent, the shortcoming is crisp and brittle. It is difficult to repair. Therefore, it is often used as a frame to take the advantages of the two and a forged iron product. The shape and cross section of the rod can be varied, the work is exquisite, elegant and beautiful, only the price. It can be used locally.
Stone: stone fence is one of the most common forms of landscape design, all kinds of styles are numerous, the column is the most common style of Aquarius, and Aquarius column meaning safe meaning.
Anticorrosive wood: wood preservative railing natural and simple and cheap, but is not a long period, such as the emphasis of this kind of feeling, real to embalmment, or take the "imitation" really means.

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