• 河道景观设计中有哪些局限性的特征?
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The limitation of river landscape design at present
1, man and culture: river landscape should be a complex, not only material, but also humane. The landscape design we have described is provided for people, and our activities can not be separated from natural and cultural features, and the current design does not usually notice this feature, and some of the historical elements that are closely related to the river should also be put into the design.
2, natural scenery: such as the ripples of the water, the reeds beside the shore, the trees on the riverbank, the floating fishing boat, the idle birds, the warm sunshine, and the river landscape of natural scenery such as trees, grass, fish, birds and water, soil and stone. Only in this way we can call it the river landscape, and how to protect them to ensure posterity. Reasonable application is a problem that designers need to seriously analyze today.
3, artificial scenery: at present, most of the river landscape design in our country tends to focus on the "hard landscape" (such as embankment, bank protection, building along the river, bridge and so on), while ignoring the planning and design of "soft landscape", but the soft landscape is more suitable for the needs of the public. A living atmosphere. How to reduce the "hard landscape" and increase the "soft landscape" is another major problem to be solved in the current landscape design.

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